Wink is an Internet of Things company that allows homeowners to control their smart devices from a single user interface. It began life in an innovation incubator, but it was after striking out on its own and undergoing a change in ownership that Wink started to experience the growing pains common to new businesses. Like many new companies, Wink had big goals to grow and expand its business, but limited bandwidth presented a roadblock.




Outbound Recruiting

Wink lacked a recruiting department but needed to fill a number of important roles within the company to avoid stagnation and continue its forward momentum. In order to meet its aggressive growth goals and maintain a global presence, it needed both a recruiter to find talent and a scalable, standardized process in place to manage candidates.



Our Approach

A Better Plan

FoundHuman met with Wink and, through a collaborative approach, helped the team articulate its vision for the important Head of Global Sales role, including identifying the experience, skill sets, and personality traits needed to best support the company’s business goals.

Upon concluding the meeting, our team convened to do what we do best: strategize to swiftly and effectively identify and attract talent. We developed a comprehensive candidate profile to guide our search and screened for the best possible matches through our individualized selection process, supporting candidates with a line of frequent and open communication matching Wink’s brand and company culture.




FoundHuman was able to hire a Head of Global Sales in less than three weeks. When that new hire needed to recruit for his own team, he was so impressed by our process that FoundHuman was the first place he turned to for support. By fully understanding the Wink culture and mission, FoundHuman was able to deliver an authentic and lasting first impression to candidates that allowed them to quickly move forward with pursuing a new opportunities. By placing a strong leader within the organization and developing a rapport with him, the new Head of Global Sales was in turn able to quickly ramp up for follow-up roles, allowing Wink to continue meeting its expansion goals.

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