Virgin Pulse, part of Virgin Group, specializes in recharging employees with its award-winning online platform that cultivates daily habits and sustainable behavioral changes for people and companies. But when its product began to outgrow its workforce, the result was an overwhelmed and unequipped HR team that wasn’t properly trained for effective hiring in a fast-scaling environment, and a leadership team without a plan.




Outbound Recruiting

Without having a consistent and effective hiring process or a full-time dedicated recruiter, Virgin Pulse was limited to minimal outbound recruiting and resourcing. What Virgin Pulse needed was an efficient recruiting process – one that maximized efficiency and brought clarity to the organization.



Our Approach

A Better Plan

FoundHuman met with team leaders at Virgin Pulse to discuss their personal experiences with recruiting and hiring to see what changes could be made immediately. Using the Talent Playbook, a 5-step approach to gaining insight into a company’s culture and current processes of recruiting, our team successfully recognized and identified trends and previous flaws in the Virgin Pulse hiring method — specifically how managers were screening candidates. We worked together to apply the FoundHuman recruiting philosophy to unite Virgin Pulse, providing them with the tools they needed to overcome their scaling dilemma.

In the months spent working together, our team evaluated different recruiting technologies, enabling Virgin Pulse to recognize the best fit for its future talent management. Facilitating demos helped their team understand its options for recruiting tech talent and make tactful decisions on where to invest recruiting dollars for the technology teams.




Not only were we able to build a stronger team at an extreme pace, but we went a step further to create a recruiting culture and workplace environment that continues to cultivate an unprecedented number of employee referral hires today. By the time we were finished, Virgin Pulse’s work culture went from negative and uncertain to vibrant and thriving. Our methods not only healed stressful situations, but they helped the company scale, improving both the quantity and quality of new hires.

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