Building a Thriving Workplace Culture with You

Shouldn't we all love our work? At FoundHuman, we believe culture and teamwork plays a major role in workplace satisfaction. Our team will work with you to assess your current practices, better understand your team's needs, and build a lasting culture which increases employee satisfaction and retention.

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Through a series of assessments, we'll collect data and analyze it to discover your specific company culture and the effectiveness of your team. While having this information can help keep your recruitment and work flow processes streamlined as your company grows, it can also uncover any issues that need to be addressed in order for your company to thrive. We will work with you to develop an actionable analysis to maintain or improve your workplace culture.

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Different personalities work together in a multitude of ways. Let us help you determine how to best utilize existing or new staff to achieve your business goals through our culture assessment. We provide a psychological assessment powered by The Right Profile which uncovers individual's motivators, strengths, and weaknesses and then compare how these unique traits work within your team. This data-intensive service will help to provide you with a greater understanding of your current team as well as how to improve team work, communication, and to grow with the right teammates. 

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