Dynamo is a technology and management consulting firm, providing full project life-cycle solutions to federal and commercial agencies in the United States. Hiring in the DC contract market is fiercely competitive, and Dynamo needed to stand out from the competition and win larger contracts by providing a stronger company culture, starting with an improved hiring experience.




Outbound Recruiting

What Dynamo lacked was the ability to source, screen, and manage candidates quickly enough to keep up with the demands of its current contracts, as well as its plans to accept more. The company needed an efficient recruiting solution to provide a steady volume of qualified candidates able to keep pace with the quickly changing needs of the contract end-client.



Our Approach

A Better Plan

We began with an examination of the technology Dynamo was using to manage candidates and identified areas where a lack of communication prevented progress. Through that investigation and intensive collaboration with Dynamo, we discovered that the existing technologies used to manage and on-board clients were being underutilized.

In order to address that shortcoming, we created a training program for Dynamo leadership to teach them how to consistently utilize their ATS system. We also adjusted our usual schedule to better fit the fast-paced environment typical to DC contractors. By properly using existing technologies and closely working with Dynamo’s executive leadership and hiring managers, we were able to foster better communication throughout the hiring process.




In just six months of work, we filled 41 vacant positions in Dynamo’s team, with an average hire time of 20 days. As a direct result of the quick expansion, Dynamo was able to bid on larger, more competitive contracts. In August 2017, Dynamo Technologies was recognized on Inc. 500 2017 list of fastest growing private companies, placing 374 out of 500. Its revamped recruitment process has allowed Dynamo to make more accurate predictions for the time it takes to fill roles when bidding on contracts, transforming a stressful situation into a positive experience for both the company and its candidates. The Dynamo team consistently gets rave reviews regarding the personal hiring approach we implemented. Their team is now more collaborative and dynamic – and still growing!

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